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Summaries of Ramadan 2018

Each Ramadan bring a story that we never can forget.
🍃 My mother takes care of our daughters so she was very handful during the day. It seemed impossible to cook for buka puasa everyday. I bought juadah for buka puasa. One place that I liked to buy was from one stall in front of makcik shop. Their kueh tiaw and laksa were the best. There were many kuih muih too. Best place I guess I got all in one stall.

🍃Popular drama was Klik Pengantin Musim Salju.  Siti Nur Diana and Alif Satar. Their OST song is the best !

🍃For few days at the end of fasting month, we went to KL. We tumpang my students as they also headed to Bangi. From there, my husband waited us . We spent 3 days. Not much we shop. For kid baju raya. My husband took me to Chinese Muslim Restaurant nearby, to bazaar,  and Alamanda.

🍃 will write more...


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Review: Chriszen Aloe and Rice Milk Facial Toner

Product that I keep on buying if my budget is tight. This is my second bottle.Why I like this toner:
🍂instantly hidrate my skin
🍂keep my skin soft and supple
🍂does not contain alcohol
🍂contain ingredients that can provide goodness to skin such as aloe vera, rice milk, glycerin and hyaluronic acid
🍂ingredients are simple and most of it I know what it is.It's recommended to all skin type.

Peace from Him

Aku rasa agak tertekan hari ini
Dengan asakkan yg tak henti
Aku cuma menyebuk kan diri
Tak mahu hilang fokus untuk penuhi matlamat hari ini.Lalu Allah datang kan ketenangan
Di kala tiada siapa yg mendengar
Memenuhi permintaan sahabat yang memerlukan pertolongan
Aku rasa tenang membantu.Terima kasih Ya Tuhan
Kau tidak memberikan solusi secepat yg aku harapkan
Tetapi Kau beri ku ketenangan ini
Semoga kau permudahkan semua urus duniawi.

Simple Day Moisturizer

Dah lama, lama sangat tak cerita pasal skincare. Sejak ada anak I guess 2012 I tak post pasal skincare, walhal itu topik paling favourite nak share dalam blog. Even till now I love skincare and makeup cuma jarang nak share.Currently I guna Day Moisturizer by Simple. It has SPF 15. Ok to me cause right now jarang keluar, most of the times duduk di office. I tak search any review before buying this product.What I like about this product:
❤Bau dia soothing sangat
❤thick consistency tapi nicely absorb into skin
❤selesaHarga time sale RM30. Original price mungkin RM40.So far hari hari pakai ni before foundation. Me loving it.